What cars are coming to USA in 2020??

With the 2020 Icelandic Championship just around the corner, the drivers are planing out their year! As of now, we have 12 cars that have confirmed their arrival to Bikini Bottoms Off-Road Park. This will be the 5th race in a row that is held in Dyersburg, Tennessee. The dates for the race in 2020 are October 1st – October 3rd

The cars that have confirmed their arrival are:

  • STORMUR – Aron Ingi Svansson
  • HEIMASÆTAN – Árni Kópsson
  • GREEN THUNDER – Daníel G Ingimundarson
  • RODEO – Elías Guðmundsson
  • KATLA TURBO – Guðbjörn Grímsson
  • HEKLA – Haukur Viðar Einarsson
  • ÞEYTINGUR – Haukur Birgisson
  • GUTTINN REBORN – Ingólfur Guðvarðarson
  • SIMBI – Skúli Kristjánsson
  • INSANE – Svanur Örn Tómasson
  • REFURINN – Ólafur Bragi Jónsson
  • THOR – Þór Þormar Pálsson

Our program remains the same! Hill Climbs on both days then we end up skimming across the 250-yard water track! Full program will be advertised later on 🙂

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