VIDEO! The Volunteer Rescue Team Hella (Flugbjörgunarsveitin Hella)

The people behind the dirt clouds in the hills are a big reason why the whole Icelandic Formula Offroad in USA is possible. They have been hosting Formula Offroad events for over 40 years with great success and are well known for their fast reactions, professional work methods and last but not least their uplifting spirits. We call them Flugbjörgunarsveitin Hella (The Volunteer Rescue Team Hella) and we were so fortunate to have them on our team organising the AMAZING event we know as Icelandic Formula Offroad in USA. They are professional and quick on their feet when it comes to the work in the hills during the race. They are the ones in safety vests running up and down the hills with shovels and fixing every track marker after the cruel drivers tore down on their way up to the finish line. I mean they put them up so the racers can TEAR them down AGAIN and AGAIN!!! We could not ask for a better group of people to work with on this project! We truly wouldn’t be able to host this legendary event without them, so THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!

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