USA 2020

Bikini Bottoms Off Road Park 2020

USA 2019
USA 2018
USA 2017


KATLA TURBO Guðbjörn went to his first competition as a spectator back in 1983 in Grindavík. His first race was in 1986 on Akureyri and did he compete on

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USA 2016

Welcome home

Teams gathered last Saturday morning to say hello to their precious Offroad vehicles after weeks of travelling across the sea. It only took them couple

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Starting Order USA 2016

The organisers have drawn out the starting order for the weekend! The one starting the event is; Guðlaugur Sindri Helgason Haukur Viðar Einarsson Ólafur Bragi

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Out of Customs

We’ve been tracking the containers that is loaded with our precious Formula Off-Road trucks and spare parts. The recent news that we have about  said

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