Detailed Car Specs

Drivers of Thunderbolt


Previous Owners

2008 – 2015 | Roar Johansen
2015 – 2019 | Atli Jamil
2019 – today | Jón Reynir Andrésson and Bára Gunnlaugsdóttir

Titles Won
NEZ Champion
Norwegian Champion

Thunderbolt was originally built in Norway in 2008-2009 by a man called Roar Johansen, who is also the previous owner. Atli bought the car in 2015 only few days before the NEZ Championship that was held in Skien, Norway. The first time he drove it was in the first track of that competition.

When Thunderbolt finally arrived in Iceland began major changes. Atli wanted to make the car his own. He among his team worked in the garage and have switched out the transfer-case, drive-ratio, axles and has the transmission been overhauled. They have reduced the weight quite a lot, changed the top plate from steel to aluminum and in addition to all that he has changed the entire body and pained the roll-cage. 

Detailed description of Thunderbolt

Type of Engine LS2
Horsepower -
Turbo / NOS Borg Warner S476 Sx-e 96mm 1.32ar tial 50mm blow off
Max Boost -
Block -
Piston Wiseco Þrykktir stimplar 4.030"
Cylinder Heads LSA
Intake Manifold -
Camshaft Custom Made
Crankshaft LS3 Sveifarás 3.622"
Connecting Rods I-beam 6.125"
Injection System -
Engine Builder -
Intercooler Froozen boost vatnskældir intercooler með klakaboxi og hringrásadælu
Torque -
Fuel E85
Type of Transmission Powerglide TSI uppfærð fyrir 2000 hö
Input Shaft -
Clutch Drum -
Converter Stall -
Gears -
Transfer Case
Type of Transfer Case Ljonstadir Special
Axels Front Axle Rear Axle
Housing Custom 9" Ford Ford
Axles MAN 35 spline
Differential Ratio 4.11 4.56
Case Aluminum Case 10 bolt Aluminum Case
Locker - -
Knuckles Custom Built
Joints Double Joint
Steering Ratio 60°
Shocks Front: 14" Fox Rear: 12" Profender
Trailing Arm
Type of tire Super Scooper 12 paddle and Bigger Diggers
Tire Size 32"
Type of Wheel Reel Racing
Wheel Size -
Brake Caliper Wilwood
Brake Pads -
Brake Discs Spidertrax

Jóhann Gunnlaugsson

Jóhann’s family bought Thunderbolt from Atli Jamil after the 2019 season ended. This is the first Formula Offroad car he has ever driven and is completely new to this sport. 

He however has some background in Motorcross and they say that is a great background to have when shifting torwards Formula Offroad. 

Atli Jamil

Atli Jamil has been around motorsport from childhood. His parents owned a part dealership which was basically his second home. Whenever Atli played with his toy cars they ended in every corner of the room in bits and pieces and prepared for upgrades so it was very easy to see where his career was heading. His interest in Formula Off Road came at a young age as well. His father, Ásgeir Jamil competed for many years with great success and Atli only a toddler. Despite his young age he was always ready to help his father’s service team fixing the broken car between tracks.

The years went by and his father stopped racing but Atli kept watching from the sidelines. It was in 2013 he went to Ingólfur Guðvarðarsson and joined his service team but that wasn’t good enough for him. His dream was to compete himself and follow in his father’s footsteps. The spring of 2015 Atli came across and ad. Roar Johansen in Norway was selling his car Thunderbolt and did he and his buddies fly out to Norway to inspect the car further. Roar Johansen built the car and had been competing on it for many years with success as two times NEZ champion.

At the end of that summer Atli finally bought the car and in September he went out to Norway once again to collect his new possession but before they headed back home he attended his first race on his brand new car. The NEZ Championship was held the first weekend of September in Skien Norway and Atli drove Thunderbolt in that race for that first time. Although it was his first time under the wheel of Thunderbolt, Atli managed to be in 8th place of the Championship.

Atli has been battling for the gold in all races he has participated in. He became NEZ Cup Champion in 2018 then became the Norwegian Champion in 2019 after he shipped his car over to Norway to compete there. After gaining that title on his belt he sold the car after the 2019 season. 

Roar Johansen

Roar Johansen built the car back in 2008 – 2009. 

He has become NEZ Cup Champion in 2010 and 2012 in Unlimited Class on his build. 

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