THOR to improve Icelandic Hydroplaning Record Speed AGAIN?

THOR breaking world record in Hella 2018.

Icelandic Formula Offroad car THOR is no stranger to records. No car in the history of this extreme sport has earned so many national (11) and international titles (2 in 3 years).
Last year THOR smashed the current Guinness World Record speed of 88 km/h, caught by police radar at 102 km/h! Then, after securing the USA championship title THOR flew across a measured track at over 99 km/h. Guinness has yet to officially recognise this new record, but Formula Offroad fans around the world are celebrating this milestone achievement. Driver Þór Þormar and his team are confident the car is ready for the 2019 season and hope to drive down the river in Hella even faster. They welcome all spectators, doubters and police radar to watch history made – again.

Gestur J. Ingólfsson on 2 wheels going onto the river

THOR is not the only car hungry for high speed. We believe Ingólfur Guðvarðsson (driving Guttin Reborn) and Haukur Viðar Einarsson (driving Hekla) will be hoping to make a news in Hella as well. 2018 showman Gestur Ingolfsson (owner/driver of Dramurinn) won’t be showing his 2 wheeled skim this year. Recent reports that redesigned Katla Turbo will debut. Not with seasoned driver Guðbjorn Grimsson but instead with a new driver to the sport, Top Gear host Freddie Flintoff.

Ingólfur Guðvarðarson on Hella 2018
Guðbjörn setting the record at 87 km/h in 2014 on Hella
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