These boots are made for walkin’

It’s raining, it’s pouring but us Icelanders are used to that, add a little wind and we feel right at home. And sure did it rain. Then what?

Problemsolving is the name of the game, so we bought out boots at Walmart. Except for the guy from Kopasker, he packed his boots back home and brought them along in his suitcase. He didn’t pack any sunscreen though! So he has truly become a red neck, not just at heart. Those of us who bought them boots for Saturday, bought new shoes to put on ones we get them muddy boots off.

Thank ya’ll for being here at Bikini Bottoms with us and we hope to see you all and your friends next year.

Bless bless (e. Good bye)

Takk fyrir okkur (Thank ya’ll)

Sunday Packing Photos

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