Team Eva: A Brand New EVERYTHING

Team Eva has been busy since we last saw them. The owner and driver Fjölnir Guðmannsson bought the car in January 2017 but made quite the impression when he showed up for his very first race which was on Akureyri 2017 where he tried to pull off some amazing stunts.

However after that race the team decided that they should change some of the things in the car and do a complete make over. They changed the look of the car, completely changed the rear end and shortened the front. The car was lowered by 20cm and some of the roll cage upgraded. The position of the rear links were all moved and the front links were exchanged for brand new crossed 4 links suspension system. The shocks were also replaced by ORI struts in the front and FOX  in the rear.They replaced their dominator 1150cfm carburator with an FAST Xfi injection.

New piston with a bigger bore 548cid and a higher compression 13,9. New camshaft with higher lift, increasing from ,680 to ,740 and also a new header to breath this out.

They put in a whole new electrical system in the car as well.

The old TH350 transmission is replaced with a brand new Powerglide from FTI with a new converter from BTE with a higher stall speed, estimated 4500-5000. And to hold this extra power they have put in the strongest axles on the planet from RCV.

To get all this power into the ground they have a new 32x14x15 Bigger Digger on new aluminium rims to keep the weight down.

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