TEAM CUBE: dyno test and preperation

Team Cube has been busy these last weeks! When the spring fell upon the land contestants began blowing the dust off their machines and started to work on their vehicles. In March Team Cube began stripping the chassis to its core and rearranging the whole drive-line.

First they repainted the car, same color of course no need for a change. Then they started puzzling it together again! They put in a 500hp 4 cylinder Honda K24 engine instead of their Honda K20. Greedy as they are, it wasn’t enough to have just nitro to as a power boost but they doubled it… and added a turbine to it as well!!! In the dyno test the engine delivered 644,7 HP with 1,7 bar at 7800 RPM, BOY they were happy!

Onward they went as they continued putting the car together again. They went through the transmission, re-laid tubes, updated their brakes, installed like-new transfer-case from Ljónsstaðir, reviewed the axles, electricity, moved the main computer so it would always stay above sea level and the list goes on and on!

It is safe to say that the members of TEAM CUBE have been more than busy these last weeks preparing the car for the first competition of the 2017 season!

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