Haukur Viðar Einarsson sells his vehicle

It seems that it has become a trend in the Icelandic Formula Off-Road world to sell their vehicles or buying new ones! Within a month Taz is the third race car to be sold to a new owner.

Taz was built back in 2012 – 2013 by a man called Benedikt Helgi Sigfússon with some help from his devoted service team. His sons have sat behind the wheel several times before the car ended in Haukur’s hands. The car has gone through some transitions since it landed on Haukur’s property and now he is selling it with;

  • LS3 427 Chevy 
  • 140 NOS
  • Brand new NOS system from ZEX
  • Powerglide
  • FOX suspensions
  • New belts
  • New fuel pump and filters
  • 6 Bigger Digger tires on rims
  • 4 Super Scoopers, 2 on rims
  • And much much more (read more)

The new owner is no stranger to this vehicle because he was one of those who helped build it back in the day. His name is Sigfús Gunnar Benediktsson! Congratulations on the reunion!!

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