The Storm

Detailed Car Specs

Drivers of STORM

Year Driver
2020 Aron Ingi Svansson
2019 Aron Ingi Svansson
2018 Aron Ingi Svansson

Detailed description of The Storm

Type of Engine Honda Accord 2,4 turbo
Horsepower 635 hp on 2.3 bar
Turbo / NOS 70mm & 100hp NOS
Max Boost 30 - 60 psi
Block K24
Piston Carrillo Performance
Cylinder Heads Original with stiff springs
Intake Manifold
Camshaft Original
Crankshaft Original
Connecting Rods
Injection System Custom Made
Engine Builder Aron Ingi Svansson
Intercooler Custom made water cooler
Torque 680 nm
Fuel E85
Type of Transmission 904
Input Shaft
Clutch Drum
Converter Stall 2800
Gears 3
Transfer Case
Type of Transfer Case 231
Axels Front Axle Rear Axle
Housing Patrol Y61 Patrol Y61
Axles Dana 60 35 spline Original Patrol
Differential Ratio 5.57 5.57
Case Patrol Y61 Patrol Y61
Locker Custom made Spool ESAP pin
Knuckles GK Racing double CV knuckles
Joints Double Dana 60
Steering Ratio 78°
Shocks Performers 12"
Trailing Arm A - Link
Type of tire Bigger Digger
Tire Size 32 / 16-15"
Type of Wheel Steel
Wheel Size 15"
Brake Caliper Front: Jimny Rear: Original Patrol
Brake Pads Front: Jimny Rear: Original Patrol
Brake Discs Front: Jimny Rear: Original Patrol


Previous Owners

2009 – 2018 | Henrik Birkegaard [….]
2018 – today | Aron Ingi Svansson [Storm]

The car (or the rollcage) came from the Danish Formula Offroad racer named Henrik Birkegaard who built the car in 2009. At the time he was 1340kg (2954 lbs) with his home-made paddle tire but without the mount of his bumpstops . 

Aron Ingi bought just the tubular frame in 2018 and shipped from Denmark over to Iceland and began some modifications. His goal was to keep the car as close to the 1000kg (2200 lbs) as he could. His first step was to build the axles underneath it and did he make it out of Patrol Y61 housing then slowly and steadily the car came together and Aron raced for the first time on his rebuilt on Egilsstaðir for the 2018 NEZ Cup.

Aron Ingi Svansson

Aron Ingi caught the Formula Offroad bug at a very young age and was a fan just a child. He had planned to compete long before he actually bought his first car. His brother, however, beat him to it and bought a car to which Aron was the “Team Chaptain”.  In 2013 – 2014 Aron bought the car that belonged to Ingólfur Guðvarðarson. His brother Kjartan Guðvarðarson crashed the car during the NEZ Cup in Skien, Norway in 2013 and therefore was deemed totalled and there is where the name “Zombie” came from. 

While racing on Zombie, Aron showed his talent and was often in the top 5 of each rounds. Now on a new and improved car we can only see Aron rise higher and higher on the scoreboard. 

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