Steinar í Vöku

Back in the day a man called Steinar í vöku was the main transporter for the racers living in or near the capital of Iceland. This picture was taken in 1992 where he was transporting 7 cars all across the country to Egilsstaðir (east of iceland) second time that summer. In the photo you can see;

Sledgehammer [Sleggjan] - Geir Evert Grímsson
Sledgehammer [Sleggjan] – Geir Evert Grímsson

Kjúklingurinn, The Chicken (top in the front) who was owned by Reynir Kjúklingur. Nowadays we know the car as Sleggjan in property of Geir Evert Grímsson.

Kókómjólkinn, The Chocolate Milk (top in the rear) which was owned by Gunnar Guðjónsson but he sold the car and it’s whereabouts are somewhere in England.

The Smurf [Strumpurinn] - Steingrímur Bjarnason
The Smurf [Strumpurinn] – Steingrímur Bjarnason

Fyrirbærið, The Thing (bottom in the front) owned by Sigurður Þór Jónsson.

Old Willys (bottom, second in line) which belonged to Maggi Bergs.

The Devil [Kölski] - Ívar Guðmundsson
The Devil [Kölski] – Ívar Guðmundsson

Strumpurinn, The Smurf (first on carriage) belongs to Steingrímur Bjarnason. Steingrímur still drives the smurf to this day.

Old Willys (second on carriage) belonged to Guðni Jónsson. Now we know the car as Kölski which belongs to Ívar Guðmundsson, Icelandic champion in Street Legal class of 2015.

Magic Yellow [Galdragulur] - Guðlaugur [Gulli] Helgason
Magic Yellow [Galdragulur] – Guðlaugur [Gulli] Helgason

Galdragulur, Magic Yellow (third on carriage) belonged to Raggi Skúla back in the day but is in property of Guðlaugur Sindri Helgason who is driving Magic Yellow today.

Steinar never complained about the travels. He did it with a smile across his face and his foot on the pedal.

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