Stapafell 2018: Fight for the Gold

Now the 2nd round in the Icelandic Formula Offroad Championship has just ended and BOY was it exciting! There were jumps, rollovers, little water skimming but what made this an extremely exciting race was the fight for the gold.

-See Total for each Track-

Atli Jamil (Thunderbolt) and Magnús Sigurðsson (Kubbur) were head to head throughout the day. Their driving skills were amazing to watch and it was a nail-biter until the very last car drove the very last track. With only 57 points to separate them going into the last track Magnús was so unfortunate to lose control of the car and drive out of the course leaving him with only 240 points in the last track, only 23 points from the gold.

-See final results for Unlimited class-

Atli Jamil drove the 6th track greatly! It is clear that the skills of this young man are present. He managed to hang onto the ledge and finish the track giving him 350 point for the length and only 30 point penalty which gave him 320 points pushing himself up into the 1st place.

Third place was Ingólfur Guðvarðarson (Guttinn Reborn) who drove calmly but surely! The day didn’t start up so well for him point wise as

he was in the 11th after 2 tracks. However his mind was set on the podium so he got his act together in the break and climbed up the scoreboard fast. Truly remarkable to watch him drive.

Best in show was Valdimar Jón Sveinsson (Crash Hard) for his run in the Time Track. When they drove up to the second half of the course he jumped up and drove on two wheels! (See Video Below)

In the Street Legal Class, Ívar Guðmundsson (Kölski) snatched up the gold with 1493 points in total! Steingrímur Bjarnason (Strumpurinn) was in second with 1360 points and third Eðvald Orri Guðmundsson (Pjakkurinn) with 1042 points. Best in show in the Street Legal was Steingrímur Bjarnason

-See final results for Street Legal class-

Over all this was one of the most exciting races we’ve had in a long time! The points for the Icelandic Champion have never been this close! We’ll see how it goes in the next round when we go to Egilsstaðir 😉

Photos by GuggZ Photography
Video by Jakob C Videos


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