Stapafell 2017; A very eventful day

Now the 2nd round of the Icelandic Championship has past and we sure can say it was an very eventful day. The day began as any other race day. Contestants setting up their tents, pulling their cars out of the trailers, change the tires to paddles and filling the fuel tanks. The race itself began at 1pm in Stapafell, approx. 30 min outside Reykjavík, which is very convenient for all spectators.

First we had the Street Legal cars where 5 contestants were registered but unfortunately Sveinbjörn had to drop out because of some failure in the car when he tested it earlier that morning so the race was between the other 4. The first track was a good one, however not all could make it all the way up. Eðvald Orri was a bit too excited on the throttle and manage to flip the car 180° which unfortunately didn’t give him much. Ragnar Skúlason however was the luckiest man in the class and ended in 1st place.

[See points per track here STREET LEGAL]

In the UNLIMITED class we saw the new build everybody has been waiting for, HEKLA. The car Haukur Einarsson and his team have been building these last months and boy, did it deliver. Þór Þormar and Elías were also in the battle for the first place along with Haukur but the victory went to the Lion’s den where Guðmundur Arnarsson showed off his steady and talented driving skills all through the courses.

[See points per track here UNLIMITED]

The race was short due to an accident that occurred in the 4th track of this round. Recent news say that the is okay and will recover fully and no major injuries were inflicted. However, due to this, the organizers of the race called the rest of the race off, which was the only sensible thing in their position. The results were the sum gathered from the first 3 tracks, the 4th track was disqualified because not all were able to finish the track. Despite this dreadful event the race overall was great. Not many rollovers but very drastic driving for some contestants.

We can see from that race that the points to the Icelandic Champion title will be a battle till the last course. We have so many skilled drivers that they are all qualified to with the title. On top we have Guðmundur Arnarsson with 30  points, 2nd we have Elías  Guðmundsson with 18 points and in 3rd Magnús Sigurðsson with 16,5. (this competition is valid for HALF of the Icelandic Championship points according to the Icelandic Motorsport Association

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Anything can happen.

Next race will be on AKUREYRI June 10th – 11th!! There will be the 3rd and 4th round in the Icelandic Championship held. The area is very popular among the racers. Steep hills, small puddle for hydroplaning and always a great show! See ya’ll there!

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