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Simba was built in 2018 – 2019 by the owner and driver, Skúli Kristjánsson along his uncle Ragnar Skúlason and his other team mates and his sisters. 

The car got the name Simba because this is not the first car built in that workshop. The workshop is called “Ljónsstaðir” which directly translates to “Lion’s Place”, but in 2014 – 2015 the Formula Offroad car “The Lion” was build there by Guðmundur Arnarsson and Ólafur Leósson, so being the second in line “Simba” was more than appropriate name for the car.

Skúli Kristjánsson

Skúli Kristjánsson began his driving career in 2017 when he borrowed the Street Legal car “Pjakkurinn” from his friend Eðvald Orri Guðmundsson. It was his first time driving Formula Offroad. He won the first time he tried so he borrowed the same car a year later and won yet again. After getting the feel for the sport he began building his own machine that would fit into the Unlimited Class. 

His first whole season started rocky. With a completely new build in the first race there were some faults that came into light that the team needed fixing, but Skúli’s driving was up to par. In May 2019 was the NEZ Cup and was Simba shipped over to Norway so Skúli could participate.  There everything clicked and worked as it should and therefore Skúli won the title NEZ Champion of 2019, sealing his first title in his Formula Offroad career. 

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