2020 Team Cup Rules

(Only available in Icelandic)

Older Rules

2018 NEZ Rules and Regulations

NEZ Cup Technical

Drivers personal safety equipment Approved vehicles - Chassis - Tires - Engine - Fuel system - Methanol fuel - Nitrous Oxide - Transmission and drive shafts - Brake system - Roll cage - Roof plate - Seatbelts - Lights

NEZ Cup Competition

General prescriptions - Championship - Participants - Entries - Eligible vehicles: - Date and time of events, program - Organization of event - Safety - Depot - Test track

NEZ Cup Regulations

Competitions held in accordance with the F.I.A. International Sporting Code (ISC) and the regulations of the organizers I.F.O USA. If there is a discrepancy between I.F.O USA and ISC regulations, the later will be valid.

2018 Íslandsmeistaramót


Almenn skilgreining á torfærukeppni


Tæknilegar Reglur


Reglur um Íslandsmeistaramót

Tæknilegur Hluti

Tæknilegar Reglur

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