Rodeo’s travel to ICELAND (VIDEO)

16299581_10154949944254042_7643520039493880266_oYesterday was a sad day for the Blesvik family in Norway. Around 4 pm Guðbjörn Grímsson drove to Pål Blesvik’s home to get his beloved race car, Rodeo. Elías Guðmundsson bought the car from Pål late last year. He first drove an Formula Off-Road car in Akureyri when he competed in the 5th round in the Icelandic Championship, but then he drove “The Dream” (Draumurinn). After that experience he wouldn’t get the thrill out of his system and was fortunate enough to see that Pål Blesvik was advertising his own race car.

Pål claims that it was rough driving the car for the last time out of the garage today but is planning a trip to Iceland in late February to teach Elías how his masterpiece works.

16425809_709480572550573_4922422701659427831_nFor more footage please check-out our Snapchat story under the name FOICELAND, there you can see everything the whole process in the making.

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