Pjakkurinn destroyed on Hella.

After an eventful weekend on Hella 7.-8. May 2016 many cars had some difficulties during the race. Engines were failing, tires were flying off, drivelines were falling underneath the cars and more! But no one completely DESTROYED their vehicles except Eðvald Orri!!

Eðvald Orri Guðmundsson owner of the beautiful purple Street Legal car, Pjakkurinn had been battling with this fellow contestant, Ívar Guðmundsson on Kölski the whole day 13124760_1783605711861346_5908238007846331845_nwhen it was time for the first time track. After the 3rd track was only 40 points between the two of them. Eðvald Orri couldn’t risk taking the time track slowly so he put the pedal to the metal and had his eyes on the prize. He was going to beat Ívar for the first time in a long time.

13239955_536470303201618_5474230535228910221_nYet little did he know that he would loose control of the situation and tragically roll over at the 4th gate in the Time Track which caused him to resign from the competition and hand the trophy bitterly to his fellow racer. Not only did he roll over but his car, Pjakkurinn was utterly wrecked to piece. Although the car was damaged Eðvald Orri got out in one piece and survived without a scratch.

Now his team is rebuilding the whole rollacge like you see in the picture to follow. Hopefully we’ll see Pjakkurinn again in the 2nd round of the Icelandic Championship 11. June on Akranes.

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