NEZ Championship 2017 LER – MODIFIED

Congratulations Jørgen Paulsen on the title NEZ Champion

The championship ended at 17:00 today and was Tor-Egil crowned the NEZ Champ of 2017 in Unlimited and Jørgen Paulsen in Modified! The weekend was very eventful and unfortunately very wet. The poured down all weekend but the maniacs in Ler, Norway didn’t let it stop them! They went full throttle and aimed to the top. For some it delivered but Roger Fossen who drives in Modified Class wasn’t as lucky. On his attempt he lost control and rolled over in one of the most rough rollovers ever seen in F.O. Happily he was unharmed and walked away from the car in one piece. Besides that the race went on smoothly and successfully. Again congratulations winners!!! 

DriverCarLengthPenaltyTotal in TrackTOTAL
Gísli G. JónssonJeepster23002301070
Magnús SigurðssonCube23002301060
Gestur J. IngólfssonThe Dream350103401070
Geir Evert GrímssonSledgehammer350203301120
Svanur TómassonInsane2300230850
Guðmundur ArnarssonThe Lion35020330960
Elva StefansdottirKatla Turbo1400140390
Elias GuðmundssonRodeo2300230750
Guðlaugur HelgasonYellow Magic350103401010
Ingólfur GuðvarðarsonGuttinn Reborn35020330880
Bjarki ReynissonThe Animal35040310770
Haukur EinarssonHekla350203301040
Jón vilhjálmssonDoctor1500150700
Þór Þormar PálssonTHOR350103401030
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