NEZ 2018: The cars have arrived!

With only a week until the 2018 NEZ CUP the cars that were packed and shipped over to Iceland have reached the docks! We’ll have 4 Norwegian racers competing against our Icelandic drivers!

-Four Norwegian Drivers Confirmed for Nez 2018-

It will be fun to see how well they’ll drive in the hills in Egilsstaðir. The terrain is muddy and when its dry it turns into fine dust so the view from inside the vehicles can be very limited. In Norway they mainly have the fine sand so perhaps its very similar to drive in those conditions.

We’ll see all 3 classes raced over this weekend which is quite uncommon these days. Due to lack of participants in Iceland the Modified Class isn’t driven as often as it is in Scandinavia. The minimum participation in each class is 3 cars/drivers so it will be counted for.

Over this weekend we’ll have the 3rd round in the Icelandic Championship where the Street Legal Class will be battling it out on Saturday. The score is quite even as it is so basically is anyone’s game. We have the 4 usual drivers competing against each other in that class.

In the Unlimited class we have 20 names listed to compete over the weekend for both the Nez Cup and the 3rd round.

You do NOT want to miss out on a feast like this one! 😉 Who will take the NEZ Cup home? Will it be one of our Icelandic racers or will the title go to Norway this year? Tell us your thoughts! 😉

See you on Egilsstaðir June 30. – July 1.

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