Nez 2018: Statistics (Jakob C)

Jakob C video producer and CHAMP put together a little statistics for us after this eventful weekend that was Nez and the 3rd round in the IFOC. He posted this in the facebook group “Torfæruáhugamenn” (Icelandic Formula Offroad Enthusiasts)

“-There were 48 rollovers total. 28 on Saturday and 20 on Sunday.
-Geir Evert rolled the most, 5 times, Þór Þormar 4 times, Guðni Grímsson 4 times and Haukur Einarsson 4 times
-Only 7 drivers of 26 did NOT rollover
-No driver FINISHED a crash with full score (350 points), not counting time tracks
-Only 10 drivers finished a track (not counting time tracks). Atli Jamil finished the most, 3 tracks.
-5 out of 12 tracks NO driver was able finished the whole track. Track 3, 9, 10, 11 and 12. 
-None in the Modified class was able to finish one track (not counting time tracks)
This is a rough estimate just at the top of my head 🙂 “

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