Nez 2018: Funny fact about the Sunday

After we finished the two-day-race: 2018 Nez Cup, we at IcelandicFormulaOffroad.com got curious about the score as if it were separate competitions and did not count for one title (See the total results for 2018 NEZ CUP here). The front-runner of the Sunday race (if they were separate) was not our newly crowed Nez Champ, Atli Jamil, who drove beautifully and truly raced for the title, but Geir Evert Grímsson on Sleggjan (The Sledgehammer). The difference between the two days was astonishing and thrilling because it was so completely different from each other when it came to the scoreboard, as you can see right here!

1.Geir Evert GrímssonSleggjan1040
2.Ingólfur GuðvarðarsonGuttinn Reborn938
3. Guðmundur ElíassonÓtemjan936
4.Atli JamilThunderbolt910
5.Tor-Egil ThorlandUgly Betty844
6.Þór Þormar PálssonTHOR805
7.Haukur EinarssonHekla786
8.Ásmundur IngjaldssonBomban773
9.Mikal Storflor JohnsenPegasus722
10. Roger FossenMad Croc704
11.Guðlaugur HelgasonGaldragulur644
12.Guðni GrímssonKubbur610
13.Aron IngiStormur519
14.Kristján F. SæmundssonVerktakinn515
15.Kristján SkjóldalEva445
16.Daniel G. IngimundarGreen Thunder391
17.Kristmundur DagssonTímaur195
18.Birgir SigurðssonDoktorinn25
19.Gísli G. JónssonJeepster25
20.Svanur Örn TómassonInsane0
21.Fjölnir GuðmannssonEva0

The REAL Results after 2 days:

1.Atli Jamil ÁsgeirssonThunderbolt2287
2.Þór Þormar PálssonTHOR2091
3.Geir Evert GrímssonSleggjan2050
4.Haukur Viðar EinarssonHekla2017
5.Guðlaugur S. HelgasonGaldragulur1831
6.Guðmundur ElíassonÓtemjan1783
7.Ingólfur Guðvarðarson Guttinn Reborn1768
8.Tor-Egil ThorlandUgly Betty1746
9.Guðni GrímssonKubbur1625
10.Mikal Storflor JohnsenPegasus1603
11.Roger FossenMad Croc1572
12.Ásmundur IngjaldssonBomban1532
13.Kristján F. SæmundssonVerktakinn1373
14.Gísli Gunnar JónssonJeepster1212
15.Aron Ingi SvanssonStormur979
16.Daníel G. IngimundarGreen Thunder954
17.Kristmundur DagssonTimaur865
18.Birgir SigurðssonDoktorinn620
19.Fjölnir Guðmannsson Eva550
20.Kristján SkjóldalEva445
21.Svanur Örn TómassonInsane


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