NEZ 2018: FOUR Norwegian Racers Confirmed

We from Icelandic Formula Offroad have heard that we have already confirmed 4 racers from Norway that will come and join us in the NEZ CUP in Egilsstaðir the 30. June – 1. July! They are quite skilled behind the wheel of their Formula Offroad cars and most definitely put on a GREAT show for everyone who will come to the event! 

These four cars will be packed and shipped over the high seas in a container provided by Eimskip! We are lucky enough to have them support our back in all of our travels! 🙂 

Tor-Egil Thorland

We’ll see the reigning NEZ Champion Tor-Egil Thorland (Toro) who will come with the car Ugly Betty! The car is over 800 hp which comes from the LQ4 Turbo engine. Toro is known for his skills behind the wheel and a brilliant touch for entertainment. Currently he is competing in the Nordic Cup and is on top the charts with 29 points leading the competition so the 2018 is no different from him. His eye is always set for the gold! 

Will he be able defend his title as NEZ Champion?? 
Driver Profile: Tor-Egil Thorland

Mikal Storflor Johnsen

We will see the car Pegasus which is driven by Mikal Storflor Johnsen who is currently in 2nd place in the Nordic Cup! His car is over 800 hp and has a roaring CBB 427! 
The last 2 years in a row he has been in 4th place so his hunger for the GOLD just gets stronger and stronger!

Will the 2018 NEZ Cup be his year? 
Driver Profile: Mikal Storflor Johnsen

Ole Kristian Øistad

Ole Kristian Øistad will show up with this amazing Turbo Troll!

The Turbo Troll has a 6L LQ4 turbo charged engine which delivers 850 – 900HP. The car has some leftovers from one of our own Icelandic Champion cars which belonged to Sigurður Þór Jónsson who took quite some rollovers at the time he was racing. 

Maybe Ole Kristian will turn it up and show that the car still can deliver a title! 
Driver Profile: Ole Kristian Øistad

Roger Fossen

Roger Fossen will also be joining us on his car MAD CROC. 

Mad Croc has a Chevy LS Turbo charged engine which provides up to 800 hp! We heard he had a bad rollover in Matrand and damaged his rollcage heavily, but the father and son duo have rebuilt the cage and was showing us what he can do in the very next race. 

Will he bring the trophy to Norway this NEZ Cup? 
Driver Profile: Roger Fossen

With these great driver from Norway we can assure you it is worth your time to come to Egilsstaðir 30. June – 1. July and witness these INSANE drivers take on the hills! 

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