Nez 2018 & 3rd Round in IFOC: New Champions!

Now the 2018 Nez Cup has just finished and boy was it an eventful race. The stunts were in each and every track of the weekend and the rollovers just the same. Unfortunately we had some accidents and some damaged cars but we can all agree on that we got what we paid for. Fast cars, loud noises, explosions, rollovers, jumps, silly mistakes, furious drivers and pure entertainment!

Atli Jamil on Thunderbolt managed to snatch up the title as NEZ Champion of 2018 in the Unlimited Class with his great driving all through the weekend. After the first day he was leading the competition with 91 points (1377), following him was Þór Þormar Pálsson on THOR with 1286 points and 3rd Haukur Einarsson on Hekla with 1231 points. However on the 2nd day Atli had some difficulties with the engine after it started leaking motor-oil after the 7th Track (Time Track) and they had to skip the 8th one. Despite that he managed to stay on top for the whole race!

Final score of the 2018 Nez Cup:
1. – 2287 points – Atli Jamil
2. – 2091 points – Þór Þormar Pálsson
3. – 2050 points – Geir Evert Grímsson

Þór Þormar put on quite the show by flying through almost every finish gate he could find! For those stunts he got the BEST IN SHOW over the whole weekend! It was a complete delight to watch him drive (or should I say fly).

Haukur Birgisson won the Modified Class by 29 points (1818 points), Bjarki Reynisson in second place with 1790 points, and Ole Kristian Øistad in third place with 713 points. The fight was heavy in Modified Class. Bjarki Reynisson was leading the competition after the first day with only 100 points between him and Haukur. Due to some minor injury in the 7th track, Bjarki was careful not to strain himself but drove beautifully whatsoever but couldn’t hold onto the 1st place. Haukur did however put up a great fight he truly deserved the win.

Final score of the 2018 Nez Cup:
1. – 1818 points – Haukur Birgisson
2.  – 1790 points – Bjarki Reynisson
3. – 713 points – Ole Kristian Øistad

We cannot forget the 3rd round in the Icelandic Formula Offroad Championship that took place on Saturday (June 30) where Atli Jamil managed to snatch yet another 20 points for the Championship now leading the tournament with 50 points. Þór Þormar is second with 47 points and Ingólfur Guðvarðarson in 3rd with 33 points.

In Street Legal Class Steingrímur Bjarnason won the 3rd round with 1500 points leaving Ívar Guðmundsson behind him with 1172 points and Eðvald Orri Guðmundsson 790 points. However the score for the Championship remains unchanged where Ívar Guðmundsson leads the Championship with 54 points, Eðvald Orri Guðmundsson second with 50 points and Steingrímur Bjarnason third with 48 points.

Final score in Street Legal Class
1. – 1500 points – Steingrímur Bjarnason
2. – 1172 points – Ívar Guðmundsson
3. – 790 points – Eðvald Orri Guðmundsson

The next rounds of the Icelandic Formula Offroad Championship will be held in Akranes 21. – 22. July! See you all there! 😉

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