New Year updates!

We want to wish everybody a happy new year and with a new year come many updates on our cars. Some teams haven’t gotten to it and still are digesting the holiday feast! Some, however, have no time to spare!

Team THOR has announced that they will be continuing racing with KFC as their partner in crime. In 2018 it didn’t get passed anyone who attended the races or watched them in Jakob C’s videos that KFC was a huge part of the IFO summer. They even got nominated for a reward called “Óla Bikarinn” which was a reward given to people had helped us raise our beloved sport to another level. It is an honour to have them with us next year, and driver Þór Þormar Pálsson will continue to show off his Champion skills yet again.

We’ll see some new build as well! Rumor has it we have at least one in Street Legal class and one in Unlimited. Úlfurinn Racing (Wolf Racing) is a new build fellas are building together and is it a modified Suzuki to fit the Street Legal regulations.

Another new build that we have had some glimpses of is from Ljónsstaðir, the place 2017 Champion car, the Lion, was built in. We’ve heard names go around but seeing as it comes from the Lion’s den we think it will be Simba after all. The true Lion King 😉

Dalton Racing is also a new team that hopefully will join us next year and they come from the east side of Iceland. Unsure of which class they’ll be racing but our money is on Unlimited.

Guttinn Reborn is also making a new changes like swapping out the old struts and putting a Profender bypass Air shocks, they do look mean under that beast! They are also giving the car a little nose job because of some rollovers that made it look a little crooked.

The Twin Turbo beast Katla Turbo is on it’s way to a completion. They’ve been rebuilding the car all year to make it more meaner than ever. The engine was stripped to pieces and have they put it together again and are now working on rebuilding the chassis.

In 2019 we’ll have 5 rounds in the IFO Championship, along with the NEZ Cup which will be held in Hønefoss, Norway, and of course the amazing racing itself in Bikini Bottoms Off Road Park in October! (See detailed dates here) 

We look forward seeing you this year! Hope you had as much blast as we did over the holidays! Have a speedy and adrenaline-filled year!

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