New Driver in Sweden: Simon Blom

The orange Scandinavian monster, Hammerhead has a new owner! The car belonged Eric Nilsson but now the new driver and owner is Simon Blom and lives in Upsala, Sweden.

The Swede saw Formula Offroad for the first time in 2008 30 km (18 miles) from his hometown, and like all of our drivers, he couldn’t keep his mind off it. Now, only 11 years later, he has made his dream come true and gave in to the Offroad fever by purchasing the Hammerhead from Eric Nilsson. The car came without an engine but Simon has plenty of time to find the perfect one and compete this year in Formula Offroad. Perhaps we’ll see him when we head out to Norway for the NEZ Cup in Honefoss in May.  His plan, however, is to get the car ready for a race which takes place during the Classic Car Week in Rättvik.

We wish him all the best on the build, or better yet, rebuild! We can’t wait to see what he’ll do in the hills!

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