New car in Iceland! (photos)

With only a few days until the season starts most of the teams have blown the dust off their race helmets and prepping their cars for the first round in the Icelandic Championship which takes place in Hella May 12th. However, Aron Ingi (previous owner and driver of the car “Zombie”) just bought a new car and it is completely stripped down to the chassis.


The car (or the rollcage) came from the Danish Formula Offroad racer named Henrik Birkegaard who built the car in 2009. At the time he was 1340kg (approx 3000 lbs) with his home-made paddle tire but without the mount of his bumpstops . Now Aron has bought the chassis and will be putting a 2,4L Honda engine in front of him. His goal is to keep the car not far above the 1000kg (2200 lbs) to have it a lightweight so the car will fly up every hill. He has given the car the name “Stormur” or in english translation “The Storm”

We wish him good luck and hopefully we’ll see him on Hella May 12th


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