New Build by Stefán Bjarhéðinsson (NEW KALDI)

12901023_1215719558468656_1885550952034358672_oFormer Street Legal driver Stefán Bjarnhéðinsson was building a brand new Formula Offroad car in January 2016. His unique new build caught the eye of many because it was build like no other car in F.O. It’s light, strong and flexible. The new Kaldi competed first on Hella 2016 in the NEZ Championship and that was the first time he drove the car. He spend the first tracks learning how the car behaved and how to contain its power under the wheel.

With his new vehicle he also upgraded his class. Instead of continuing in Street Legal he put on the big tires and raced in the Unlimited class. He was very happy with the way Kaldi climbed the hills of Hella and how the power delivered down to every wheel.

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