KUBBUR (Cube) in USA 2018 (VIDEO)

We have many unique cars in Formula Offroad but the one that is way beyond unique is Magnus’s offroad truck, Kubbur (CUBE). Not only does it have an (almost) ordinary 2,4L Honda civic engine, but most part of the drive line is upside-down or sideways!! Kubbur has been a project of Magnus and the co-owner Guðni since 2009. The first look of Kubbur was Suzuki Jimny  with Saab engine and Dana 30 axles. The car we see today was built in 2012 with the turbocharged Honda engine which provides 650HP @8500rpm!  Now put that in a lightweight car and you’ll be flying up the hills like Magnus does each time he puts the pedal to the medal 😉


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