Katla Turbo: Engine out and ripped apart

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Katla Turbo is in hibernation and going through some beauty treatments along the way. After the tragic rollover that owner and driver Guðbjörn Grímsson was so unfortunate to have the damage has been significant.

“The rear axle was a total mess after the landing. We might have to replace it all together if we can’t straighten out the old one. We also have to fabricate new lower links because I destroyed the other ones”
-Guðbjörn Grímsson

The rear axle isn’t the only thing that Guðbjörn and his team must fix before the summer. After roughly going through everything he listed up the things that are on the agenda for Volcano Racing.

“We came to the conclusion that the altenator was too small for the heat we have in Dyersburg, so we must find a bigger one. We’re thinking of the Ford 250A which will replace the only thing in Katla Turbo that is GM” Guðbjörn laughed.

 “The engine was flooded with water when we tried to skim of the water in Bikini Bottoms, the oil was nasty when we tapped it off, which caused the bearings in the engine and turbines to get all messed up so we had to grind the crankshaft. We’ll change out the pistons and rings”

They have ordered the new NHR 2018 turbines that they’ll use instead of the old ones. Not only is it good to have brand new toys to play with, but the NHR ones will give Guðbjörn extra 200Hp which would make Katla Turbo run on 1840HP!!

With the new turbines they’ll also put larger intercoolers and new oil system with an electric pump to keep them all lubed up ready to go.

Right now Katla Turbo and the team Volcano Racing are waiting for their spare parts so they can keep on puzzling the car back together.

The team is aiming to participate in the race on Hella May 12th which is the first race of the 2018 season. There you get everything you want to see in a Formula Offroad Race. The Hill Climbs, The Fast Time Tracks, The Hydroplane on the River and the Mud Puddle.

“One small thing in the end, which is probably an important one, we are looking for partners to join us in this adventure of ours. We have room on the car for advertisement and if you want to be apart of our team don’t be hesitate to contact me on g.grimsson@foiceland.com

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