Detailed Car Specs

Drivers of Insane

Year Driver
2020 Jón Gísli Benónýsson
Svanur Örn Tómasson
2019 Svanur Örn Tómasson
Jóhann Freyr Egilsson
2018 Svanur Örn Tómasson
2017 Svanur Örn Tómasson
Jóhann Freyr Egilsson
2016 Svanur Örn Tómasson
Aron Ingi Svansson
Jóhann Freyr Egilsson
2015 Svanur Örn Tómasson
2014 Ragnar Már Svansson
2013 Martin Michaelsen
2012 Martin Michaelsen
2011 Martin Michaelsen

Detailed description of Insane

Type of Engine LS7
Horsepower 650 hp + NOS
Turbo / NOS 200hp NOS
Max Boost -
Block Aluminum
Piston Mahle
Cylinder Heads Black Lable 285
Intake Manifold LS7
Camshaft -
Crankshaft Callies
Connecting Rods -
Injection System LS7
Engine Builder Mast Motorsport
Intercooler -
Torque -
Fuel Racegas
Type of Transmission Monsterglide
Input Shaft -
Clutch Drum -
Converter Stall 4200 rpm
Gears 2 and 1 reverse
Transfer Case
Type of Transfer Case Ljonstadir Special
Axels Front Axle Rear Axle
Housing Custom Ford 9"
Axles 2 krossa Chromoly Dana60 Mark William 40 spline
Differential Ratio 5.83 5.83
Case Aluminum Case Aluminum Case
Locker Spool Spool
Knuckles Custom made CNC in Sweden
Joints Custom Made
Steering Ratio 45°
Suspension Front Rear
Shocks 12" Profender 12" Profender
Trailing Arm A-Link A-Link
Type of tire Goodyear
Tire Size 33,5" Super Scooper & 34,5" Bigger Digger
Type of Wheel Reel Racing
Wheel Size 16"
Brake Caliper Wilwood
Brake Pads Wilwood
Brake Discs -


Previous Owners

2007 – 2011 | Johannes Rykling & Hans Mäki
2011 – 2014 | Martin Michaelsen [Insane]
2014 – today | Svanur Örn Tómasson [Insane]

Insane was built in Sweden, 2007 by Johannes Rykling and Hans Mäki, then it belonged to Martin Michaelsen in Norway. Svanur buys Insane in 2014 and has been competing since. The car has changed a bit since it came in Svanur’s hands like suspension links in the rear and moved the rear axle further back along with the suspension fittings and titled the suspensions.

Svanur Örn Tómasson

In 2013 Svanur competed on Lukku Láki which belonged to his oldest son and after that test drive he got the Off Road Fever and soon enough bought his own formula offroad car.

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