Ingi Már Björnsson’s return to the FO world?

The Off-Road world is full of surprises nowadays! Men and women are building new cars left and right and others are buying the old chassis of well experienced cars

Our newest Off-Road vehicle owner is Ingi Már Björnsson! He was lucky enough to purchase the rolling chassis of the monstrous TAZ. Ingi Már isn’t a stranger to the sport though… In 1997 he won the Icelandic Formula Off-Road Cup.

His FO career began on a car he bought from another hero, Gísli G. Jónsson and Steinar Hauksson, and its name was “The Turtle”. His first year didn’t go as good as he had hoped but in his second year racing he began doing better and better with each competition he raced in. After he managed to snatch up the 4th place his longing for the gold came rushing. The fire in his eyes grew and his focus was more than ever. He took one race at a time and climbed up the podium until he was at the top. At that time he couldn’t believe he managed to win the Cup in his 2nd year racing and only at 21 years of age.

Last time we saw Ingi Már drive was at the 50th Anniversary on Hella in 2015. There he borrowed TAZ to contribute to the event.

The car, however, was originally built back in 2012-2013 by a man called Benedikt Helgi Sigfússon and was it called Hlunkurinn. We’ve seen the car race throughout the years with success and now its time for Ingi to go full throttle!!

Congratulations Ingi Már Björnsson, hopefully we’ll see you race soon enough!!


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