Hønefoss, NOR 2018 – RESULTS (Photos)


[su_tab title=”Total Saturday Unlimited”]

Tor-Egil ThorlandUgly Betty1560NO
Mikal JohnsenPegasus1430NO
Joakim KnudsenTermination1335NO
Kalle SundbringChevy Big Block 5801222SE
Roger FossenMad Croc965NO
Øyvind SvendsenKnerten920NO
Jørgen HerlandCliffhanger829NO
Jimmy BerggrenT - Rex510SE
Christian JensenTurbo Duck0NO

[su_tab title=”Total Saturday Modified”]

Jørgen PaulsenNo Limit1650NO
Kenneth DoolewerdtN/A1306DE
Jarand Endre PettersenMadmax1298NO
Marius MærkTurbo Troll1052NO
Kevin FossenMad Croc170NO

[su_tab title=”Total Sunday Unlimited”]

Kalle SundbringChevy Big Block 5801500SE
Mikal JohnsenPegasus1440NO
Tor-Egil ThorlandUgly Betty1328NO
Joakim KnudsenTermination1269NO
Jimmy BerggrenT - Rex1149SE
Roger FossenMad Croc1000NO
Øyvind SvendsenKnerten910NO
Johann Freyr EgilssonUgly Betty790IS
Jørgen HerlandCliffhanger420NO
Christian JensenTurbo Duck260NO

[su_tab title=”Total Sunday Modified”]

Kenneth DoolewerdtN/A1540DE
Jørgen PaulsenNo Limit1490NO
Jarand Endre PettersenMadmax1245NO
Kevin FossenMad Croc860NO
Marius MærkTurbo Troll440NO


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