The History of Icelandic Formula Offroad (VIDEO)

G7 Media made a mini-documentary about the history of Formula Offroad. How it all started, how the cars have developed and so much more!

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VIDEO! Formula Offroad 1986 – 1989 (Part I)

Straight from the Formula Offroad archives! These competitions are held 1986 – 1989 all over Iceland! Enjoy!

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Formula Offroad in Grindavík 1976

Photographer JAK motorsport just shared some of his treasured photos in his facebook group in the week. The pictures are from a competition that took …

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Its not like it was in the olden days

In 1990 Guðbergur drove the time track quite brilliantly but rolled the car over. We would never ever see this in today’s competitions 😛

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Amazing save! Hella 2008 (VIDEO)

Video producer Jakob Cecil has been teasing us with little previews on his fan page on facebook of the olden days where the drivers were …

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Champions Throughout the Years!

The list of former champions since the beginning of Icelandic Formula Offroad! All champs from the Icelandic Championship, the World Cup, the NEZ Championship and …

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Icelandic Formula Offroad 1987 – 1989 (VIDEO)

Back in 1987 – 1989 the amazing sport we know as Icelandic Formula Offroad was quite different from what we see today. Back in the …

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Documentary: Icelandic Formula Offroad for 50 years

Bragi Þórðarson with G7 Media premired his documentary in Bíó Paradís last Saturday. The full feature movie covers the first 50 years of Icelandic Formula Offroad …

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A man with a dream
The Beginning

It probably hasn’t gone past you if you are an Off-Road enthusiast that Icelandic Formula Off-Road is coming to the U.S. A little over a …

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How did it all start?

The story of ”Formula Off Road” begins in Iceland May 2nd 1965 when the first Formula Off Road competition was hosted by Bifreiðaklúbbur Reykjavíkur a.k.a …

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Steinar í Vöku

Back in the day a man called Steinar í vöku was the main transporter for the racers living in or near the capital of Iceland. …

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