With less than 30 days until the first race of this season, contestants are puzzling their Off-Road vehicles together to make the first race. The race in Hella is the most popular Formula Off-Road event during the seasons. Its in short distance from the capital Reykjavík and the weather is almost always sunny. We got racers all over the country gathering to make it to the Season Kick-Off.

Team #16

Haukur Einarsson captain of Team #16 began building his news machine in January and will he work day and night to have it on Hella.

Birgir Sigurðsson, former Drift Champ, bought the old MJÖLNIR and has given it a new look and a new name. Going by THE DOCTOR nowadays. Just couple of days ago they put some finishing touches to The Doctor and got it started and took it for a test drive.

Team CUBE has been very busy these last weeks stripping the chassis to its very core. They have painted it and rearranged the whole car. We think we’ll see a whole new car on Hella from Team Cube. Same look but a different car.

Cube getting a make-over
Cube getting a make-over

Þór Þormar and TEAM THOR have been race ready since they bought the old Choirboy and they are counting down the days.

Guðbjörn Grímsson and VOLCANO RACING are finishing some final touches to get Katla Turbo running flawlessly, perhaps we’ll see the World Record Hydroplane beaten and raised on Hella.

Atli Jamil and JAMIL RACING have been changing the front axle from Dana40 to MAN.18015925_1735306266495777_969893762_o

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