Hella 2016

The 1st round in the Icelandic Championship and the NEZ Championship held the weekend 7.-8. May on Hella. The hosts were FBSH and TKS. The two orginazations have been hosting grand competitions for many years and always been up to all standards when it comes to hosting competitions like this one.

26 cars were registered in the race. 22 of them in Unlimited and Modified Class and 4 in street legal class. (Although they only competed on sunday)

Guðmundur Ingi Arnarsson on the Lion [Ljónið]
Guðmundur Ingi Arnarsson on the Lion [Ljónið]

The race was tight and contestants were tuning their cars after months of winter hibernation and for some it was like drinking water while others had more difficulties.

We got to see the new Unlimited Car the LION [Ljónið] with its brand new, one of a kind axles which made the car able to turn 90° on spot! We also got to witness the new comer Atli Jamil on his car Thunderbolt which he bought last year from Norway.

Pål Blesvik and Tor-Egil [Toro] Thorland
Pål Blesvik and Tor-Egil [Toro] Thorland

Not only did we have the Icelanders racing but two Norwegian Formula Offroad drivers shipped their car to Iceland to participate on Hella. Pål Blesvik on Rodeo and Tor-Egil  [Toro] Thorland on Ugly-Betty.

I could stay up all night and describe to you all the magnificent stunts contestant performed in that race but all eyes were on the top 2 contestants. Snorri Þór Árnason on The ChoirBoy

Snorri Þór Árnason and Ólafur Bragi Jónsson
Snorri Þór Árnason and Ólafur Bragi Jónsson

 [Kórdrengurinn] and Ólafur Bragi Jónsson The Fox  [Refurinn]. These two are on some other level than the rest. Snorri Þór managed to collect 350 points from each track and Ólafur Bragi at his heels. They were head to head the whole weekend but Snorri  Þór, with his excellent driving skills, won the title NEZ Champion of 2016 and the first place in the 1st round in the Icelandic Championship with only 31 points.

On Sunday, contestants were set up to Hydroplane over the famous river of Hella where Guðbjörn [Bubbi] Grímsson set the world record on in 2014. He managed to drive Katla Turbo across the river on 87 km/h but one was not that far from breaking the record. The Norwegian, Pål Blesvik on Rodeo drove at 79 km/h.  Only 8 km/h slower than Guðbjörn.

Pål Blesvik [Rodeo] hydroplaning 8. May on Hella
Pål Blesvik [Rodeo] hydroplaning 8. May on Hella

Over all the competition was a huge success. Even though some cars got destroyed many left the pit with nothing but a smile across their faces.

Next round in the Icelandic Championship is on Akranes 11. June 2016 and will TKS be hosting that event.

Results from the NEZ Championship;

Unlimited/Modified Class

1. Snorri Þór Árnason – The ChoirBoy [Kórdrengurinn] 3608 points
2. Ólafur Bragi Jónsson – The Fox [Refurinn] 3579 points
3. Pål Blesvik – Rodeo 3390 points
4. Guðmundur Ingi Arnarsson – The Lion [Ljónið] 3180 points
5. Haukur Þorvaldsson  – The Soap  [Sápan] 3051 points
6. Tor-Egil  [Toro] Thorland – Ugly-Betty 2897 points
7. Guðni Grímsson – The Cube  [Kubbur] 2870 points
8. Þór Þormar Pálsson – Spiderman 2378 points
9. Svanur Örn Tómasson – Insane 2361 points
10. Bjarki Reynisson – The Animal  [Dýrið] 2293 points
11. Elmar J. Guðmundsson – Farmer’s daughter [Heimasætan] 2257 points
12. Alexander Már Steinarsson – All-in 2250 points
13. Stefán Bjarnheðinsson – Kaldi 1991 points
14. Daniel Ingimundarson – Green Thunder 1963 points
15. Kristmundur Dagsson – Tímaur 1850 points
16. Haukur Viðar Einarsson  – Taz 1669 points
17. Gestur J. Ingólfsson – The Dream [Draumurinn] 1642 points
18. Geir Evert Grímsson – The Sledgehammer  [Sleggjan] 1502 points
19. Atli Jamil Ásgeirsson – Thunderbolt 1460 points
20. Aron Ingi Svansson  – Zombie 1230 points
21. Ingólfur Guðvarðarson – Guttinn Reborn 960 points
22. Benedikt Helgi Sigfússon – Coyote [Sléttuúlfurinn] 0 points

Street legal class;

1. Ívar Guðmundsson – Kölski 1300 points
2. Haukur Birgisson – Þeytingur 857 points
3. Kata G. Magnúsdóttir – Hulk 705 points
4. Eðvald Orri Guðmundsson – Pjakkurinn 640 points

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