GRIP – Das Motormagazin in Iceland

14257450_10154453695417480_3870495008957526957_oThe German TV-show Grip das Motormagazin visited Iceland in September 2016 to test out Stefán Bjarnhéðinsson’s newly built Kaldi. The TV program’s driver and former race driver Matthias Malmedie  had the pleasure of test driving the Off-Road machine Kaldi.

The test drive took place at the Off-Road area of Bílaklúbbur Akureyrar, which is located right outside of Akureyri in North Iceland. It was a perfect day for testing Formula Off-road, warm and nice weather.

14206056_10154453695032480_1744730932740876882_oStefán began to teach Matthias how the car worked and the tips and tricks of operating his massive vehicle by hitting the hills until Matthias caught the Off-Road fever and wanted to drive on his own and not sit in the passenger seat. His squeaks of enjoyment echoed in the mountains around them as he took the wheel in his own hands and drove off to play in the hills before him. After some rounds in the hills the car needed to cool off .
After the small break Stefán decided to show the German how to Hydroplan like a champion on the pond that is located in the Off-Road Area then Matthias copied him. Unfortunately Matthias wasn’t so lucky the first time. Kaldi had stopped in the middle of the pond and Matthias scream “Help Me!!” but Stefáns responded casually “No, not my problem”

See the full episode here! 

Sourse: Formula Offroad News, GRIP - Das Motormagazin
Photos: Mammadreki
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