Green Thunder

Detailed Car Specs

Drivers of Green Thunder

Year Driver
2020 Daníel G. Ingimundarson
2019 Daníel G. Ingimundarson
Guðmundur Max Jónsson
2018 Daníel G. Ingimundarson
2017 Kristján Finnur Sæmundsson
Númi Aðalbjörnsson
2016 Daníel G. Ingimundarson
2015 Daníel G. Ingimundarson
2014 Daníel G. Ingimundarson
2013 Daníel G. Ingimundarson
2012 Daníel G. Ingimundarson
2011 Daníel G. Ingimundarson
2010 Daníel G. Ingimundarson
2009 Daníel G. Ingimundarson
2008 Daníel G. Ingimundarson
María Antonía Jónasdóttir
2004 Daníel G. Ingimundarson
2003 Daníel G. Ingimundarson
2002 Daníel G. Ingimundarson

Detailed description of Green Thunder

Type of Engine 5,3 LM7 Turbo
Horsepower 5-600hp
Turbo / NOS CSR 75mm Turbo and NX 75hp NOS
Block Original
Piston Original
Cylinder Heads LQ4
Intake Manifold LQ4
Camshaft LS3
Crankshaft Original
Connecting Rods Original
Injection System Holley
Engine Builder Owner
Torque -
Fuel 100 okt
Type of Transmission Turbo 350 GM
Input Shaft -
Clutch Drum -
Converter Stall 5200
Gears 3
Transfer Case
Type of Transfer Case Ljonstadir Special
Axels Front Axle Rear Axle
Housing Dana 60 GMC 14 Bolt GM
Axles Original 60 Original 35 spline
Differential Ratio 4.56 4.56
Case - -
Locker Mictronic Mictronic
Knuckles Home Made
Joints Original 60
Steering Ratio 40°
Suspension Front Rear
Shocks Fox 14" Fox 12"
Trailing Arm 4 - Link 4 - Link
Type of tire Bigger Digger / Super Scooper
Tire Size 33 / 15-15"
Type of Wheel Jackman
Wheel Size 15 x 15"
Brake Caliper Wilwood
Brake Pads Wilwood
Brake Discs Wilwood


Green Thunder was build by Daniel G Ingimundarson in 2002 when he wanted to move from the Street Legal Class to the Unlimited Class.

Daníel G Ingimundarson

Daníel began his Formula Offroad career in 1998 where he competed on a car he bought and was a contestant in Street Legal class. After 4 years of competing on that car he wanted to race in the Unlimited class so he decided to build his very own car and named it Green Thunder. 

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