Friday’s Event

Some photos from Fridays Event at Bikini Bottoms Off Road Park.

The people on the race are some familiar faces from back home in Iceland and then we are making some new friends here in America. Jónas from Iceland was today’s VIP since he flew out from Iceland to California to meet some friends of his, Icelanders living in the United States. All six of them flew in to Memphis and are staying for the whole weekend. The big thing about Jónas is that back home, he has never been to an Icelandic Formula Offroad event, so here at Bikini Bottoms is his first time ever. He’ll be back!

Gísli G. Jónsson finished first, so him and his team are sure glad he’s back. If you want to follow the on Snapchat search for teamgislig.

Pit and People Photos

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