The Street-Legal class a class in Icelandic Formula Offroad that has to be up to certain standards. (Full technical rules for 2018 only available in Icelandic) 
The class is currently only driven in Iceland and no other country, but to give you a little sneak peak on how to make it to the Street Legal Class in Formula Offroad.

“Each car has to be registered and insured by like any other daily-drive truck. It must have two seats in the cab. One with race seats (for the driver) but the passenger is optional yet must be a regular sized one. The tires have to be legal and D.O.T approved. Chains and other additional equipment that increases grip is not allowed. The fuel used on the car must be gas (gasoline), diesel or other energy source approved for public traffic. Power adders such as Nitrous Oxide and Turbo are allowedThe car must have an approved roll cage and follow the safety rules by the letter when it comes to the seats, roof, belts and how the driver’s compartment (the cab) is built.”

~AKIS (Icelandic Motorsport Association)

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