The Cube

Detailed Car Specs

Kubbur (Cube)

Car Specs:
Invert 5 2,4 Honda 190 hp 02_Turbo_Charger_car_machine_power-512 1x
NOS 190hp automatic-car-transmission-512 TF 904 Invert 2 NP 231
shocks-motorcycle-part-transport-vehicle-512 ORI 14" STX Strut with Integral Reservoir Invert 8 9" Ford 81-512
Unlimited 32" Super Scooper

Drivers of The Cube

Year Driver Race
2020 Magnús Sigurðsson King of the Hammers
2019 Magnús Sigurðsson USA
2018 Magnús Sigurðsson Hella | Stapafell | Akureyri | USA
Guðni Grímsson Egilsstaðir
Hermann Sigurgeirsson Akranes
2017 Magnús Sigurðsson Whole Season
2016 Guðni Grímsson Hella | Akranes | Egilsstaðir | Stapafell
Magnús Sigurðsson Akureyri | USA
2015 Magnús Sigurðsson Hella | Stapafell | Blönduós | Akureyri
Guðni Grímsson Egilsstaðir
2014 Guðni Grímsson Hella | Egilsstaðir
Gísli Sighvatsson Jóspesdalur
Magnús Sigurðsson Akureyri
2013 Magnús Sigurðsson Vestmannaeyjar | Jósepsdalur | Egilsstaðir
Alexander Már Steinarsson Akureyri


Previous Owners

2012 – today | Magnús Sigurðsson [CUBE]

Titles Won
USA Champion

The Cube was the aftermath of an experimental project of the team of Cube. In 2010-2011 they raced on a Suzuki Jimny in Street Legal class and made note of what was working in the hills and what needed improvement. Then when they had a near complete design made up they started building Cube from the scratch and to race in the Unlimited Class. Although Cube has some kinks some think are unconventional. Almost everything in the car is either upside-down or back-to-front, except perhaps the drivers themselves (most of the time). 

The car is a unique car because it has a mid engine reversed in the car so the axles are set upside down. The balance of the car is almost 50/50 but once the driver sits in the car it shifts to 48/52, and because of this equal balance and low weight points the traction and handling of the car is extremely easy. 

In 2012 – 2013 the engine caused some troubles couple of times which the team were quick to fix because when they returned to race in 2014  they have almost every race been in the top places fighting for the win. 

The Cube is also unique for it’s engine, because most of the other cars have the big roaring V8s but Cube has the subtle yet powerful 2,4L Honda engine.

Magnús Sigurðsson

Name Magnús Sigurðsson
First Race
Cars raced
2010 - 2011 Suzuki Jimny
2012 - Currently Cube

Magnús started racing in Formula Offroad back in 2010 where he began his career in the Street Legal class on a modified Suzuki Jimny. 

Guðni Grímsson

Name Guðni Grímsson
First Race
Cars raced
2014 - Currently Cube

Guðni began his career in a service team back in 2004, and then he became the “Team Captain” for Magnús Sigurðsson. He occasionally gets to compete on the Cube.

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