BREAKING NEWS: NEZ 2018 in Egilsstaðir Iceland!

As of last week we heard that the NEZ Championship was cancelled in Gotland, Sweden. However, due to the same dates and the club’s fantastic resume START Motorsport Club  will be the host of the 2018 NEZ Championship!

The Swedish had to cancel their competition because the Government and the Environment Office  in Sweden took the area away from them. They have been looking forward hosting this event and have been battling to try to organise a Formula Offroad race.

Sad day for the Swedish but a thrilling opening for the small club in east of Iceland that hosts one of the best competitions in the Icelandic Championship! They have always been with top notch tracks, fast staff members and just a brilliant event through and through!

Want to know how it is in Egilsstaðir? Well just look at these clips and try to convince us that it isn’t worth it 😉 It is impossible! Congrats START and we look forward to the NEZ CHAMPIONSHIP 30th JUNE – 1st JULY 2018

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