BREAKING NEWS – Gísli G. Jónsson in USA

All F.O enthusiastics have probably heard of the legend and hero Gísli G. Jónsson and for a good reason! His driving was incredible, his technique was unique and his attitude was admirable. He has won 8 titles over his career but he has won the hearts of all F.O fans. 

His career began in 1991 and competed nonstop until 2002. He had won the title Icelandic Champion 1993 – 2001 and the World Cup in 2001. After his reign he decided to take a break from the sport for some years but we saw him again snatch up the World Cup again in 2006. Since then he hasn’t taken part in a full tournament but has participated twice since. In 2008 he won the 2nd round in the World Cup Tournament but landed in 2nd place in the first round. He then was seen competing in the NEZ Championship on Akureyri back in 2012. 

Rumours spread across the world of his talent and unique skills TV programs all over the world contacted him and offered him to participate in their shows. All from world-wide networks like BBC’s  TOP GEAR to local TV networks in Germany, Belgium and other.

Today he has confirmed his arrival to Bikini Bottoms Off-Road Park in Dyersburg TN. He and his vehicle “Sterinn” will show the world how real Formula Off-Road driving is. Gísli, among others, were the pioneers in the F.O world. Because of them Icelandic Formula Off-Road was put on the map as one of the most EXTREME motorsports in the WORLD and all because of their amazing talent behind the wheel! 


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