USA 2020
USA 2019

Cars arriving in Dyersburg;

Katla NOS

Better knows as Katla Turbo, but this time around they'll have the 604 BBF engine with loads of NOS. For the last round of the IFO Championship they removed the 429 twin turbo Nelson Racing Engine and replaced it with this monstrous BBF which delivered! That adventure landed them in 1st place. The car was build last spring (2019).


Kubbur is the reigning USA Champ. He's well knowns for his 2,4L Honda motor that runs on both turbo and 100hp NOS. The car is extremely lightweight and therefore has some advantage in the hills. What's the most unique thing about the Cube is that almost everything in it is either upside down or back-to-front, even the driver from time to time.

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