Akranes 2018: AMERICAN Driver on the ICELANDIC Dream

Finalising the deal
Finalising the deal

Icelandic Formula Offroad fever has spread across the world in a massive amount. It’s popularity is growing by the second thanks to social media, online stores and live feeds from races, but the fever is spreading like wildfire because of our INSANE drivers! We compete in IFO in Iceland, Scandinavia and now for the 3rd time, United States of America! Many teams will return for the 3rd annual race in Bikini Bottoms Off-Road Park, Dyersburg, Tennessee, the weekend October 4th – 7th and will the Icelanders race along side with the SRRS Finals.

Not only are we invading North America but in the next 2 rounds (4th and 5th Round) of the Icelandic Formula Offroad Championship one particular American will come and try to show his mad skills behind the wheel of Unlimited car “Draumurinn(The Dream). That man is Andrew Blackwood and has he been a IFO fanatic for over 15 years! Andrew registered to race in Akranes and will he be the FIRST American to compete on a 100% authentic Icelandic Formula Offroad car, but little does he know that “The Dream” can turn into a nightmare when it hits the hills.

It is exciting to see our sport becoming so popular in this new country and gaining all these new fans all across the globe. Once it was just us little Icelanders playing in the dirt with our trucks and now its a growing sensation that ticks every box.

One of the biggest challenges in the sport, especially for racing overseas, is the cost of transporting the machines. As a group we welcome any sponsorship or donations to help offset these costs so that we continue to grow the world’s most extreme international motorsport. You can also purchase shirts, stickers and items online, as all profit goes to benefit the teams. For more information please contact post@foiceland.com or visit www.IcelandicFormulaOffroad.com.

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