A New Unlimited Driver

Everybody who has been around Formula Off-Road have heard of the great Pål Blesvik who drives the mean machine “Rodeo”. Well unfortunately the brilliant driver had to sell his magnificent vehicle but lucky for us Icelanders it will come to the roots of the sport!

Elías Guðmundsson in "The Dream"
Elías Guðmundsson in “The Dream”

A man called Elías Guðmundsson has bought “Rodeo”. The first time Elías stepped in an Off-Road car was in Akureyri 2016 when Gestur J. Ingólfsson decided to rent out his car named “The Dream” (Draumurinn) because of a broken arm. Elías was more than happy to test out the car only 24 hour prior to the competition

Even though he wasn’t in the Top 5 after the competition he surely caught the “Off-Road Fever”. Guess we have to wait and find out if he will alter anything in his new play toy or if he will continue with how everything is. Only time will tell.


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