A New Driver, A New Team, A New Dream

Everybody must’ve heard that The Choir Boy was sold to Þór Þormar Pálsson, but what people didn’t know about is that the old car that was in Þór’s possession, Mjölnir was sold to yet another team! They have been around motorsport and are well known in Iceland for their fascinating SnapChat story and team spirit in the Drift part of the world.

The team’s name is Be Sick Racing and are they well spirited in their work and keep all their fans well fed with information when it comes to the garage and updates on their vehicles. They bought the car from Snorri Þór Árnason as it was exchanged for his own Golden Choir Boy.

Only few hours ago they were handed the car and it is safe to say they are quite happy with it. The man that will driving the car is named Birgir Sigurðsson and there are rumours that the name of the car itself will be changed to ”The Doctor” 

We want to congratulate the new owner of the car and the team and we surely look forward to see what you’ll bring to the sport on the upcoming year!

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