The Beginning

It probably hasn’t gone past you if you are an Off-Road enthusiast that Icelandic Formula Off-Road is coming to the U.S. A little over a year ago a man with a big dream started contacting owners of Off-Road Parks all over America in hunt of the perfect area to host a Formula Off-Road competition.

17th June 2015 he was browsing YouTube of a similar sport, Rock Bouncing (The American version of Formula Off-road) and noticed that the soil underneath those beastly machines was something to take a closer look at. He dug up the owners email address and phone number and tried to reach them. The owners weren’t quite sure of what he was talking about and said to the other man that they would look into it better then call him back.

Few days later the owners of the park called him back and said they were very interested in hosting the First Formula Off-Road competition in the U.S. The other man was thrilled with that information and invited the owners to come to Norway where the NEZ competition would be hosted in the following September to see how a weekend event was executed.

Needless to say that trip was not the end of the man’s vision. After that weekend trip to Norway the owners and the man kept in touch regularly to organize the event properly and to make it the greatest event in Formula Off-Road history!

Now we have 20 cars, 16 Icelandic drivers and 4 american. Over 250 Icelanders following their beloved sport and about thousands of americans interested in this little dream the man had.


The name of that man is Guðbjörn Grímsson and it is thanks to him and his broad horizon that we will witness this historic event in Dyersburg, TN this weekend. It is thanks to Bob and Pam Williams (the owners) that we have fully equipped park for us to play in. They have put their blood, sweat and tears into this event and it has been a great privilege to have been able to work with them and help them with everything. These people deserve a shout out and a pat on the back for their hard work and dedication to this event! usalogo3


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