7.-8. May 2016

935765_296007850536234_1344500166_n (2)Hella is a small town approx. 1h 15m drive south of Reykjavík. It’s an old town which was built around 1927 so you could say its a small country town. There are many attractions on Hella or quite rear the town like; Horse Riding, Old house where handcrafted items are for show made by the locals, heated swimming pool, camping site and hotels. But the main attraction in May is the Formula Off-Road event the weekend 7.-8. May.

It has come to many’s attention that the NEZ Championship/World Cup will be held on Hella that weekend. The FBSH and TKS [organizers] are know to host the most magnificent Formula Off Road events these last few years. The Competition’s Leader is no other than Kári Rafn Þorbergsson who has proved himself to be the best in his position, but on his right hand are the most qualified people you can find in this field.

The competition itself is held right outside Hella and is the area quite convenient for all. Nice big parking for all vehicles, the hills only few meters away from the parking and food carts all over. It’s an open area so spectators may have to bring some extra clothing if the weather gets rough. After all, this is Iceland and the weather is quite unpredictable.

13501_1063474550348924_4652088588175924313_nThis event is family friendly so people of all age will be very entertained. To get your kids interested in the amazing sport we call Formula Off-Road the teams have prepared posters and guaranteed showman ship during the race. All contestants and their team are more than happy to entertain your young ones and yourself during the break. The pit area is closed while the competition itself is at play but you’re welcome to browse around when it’s finished.

Safety is their top priority so if the race itself may seem dangerous and hazardous it is perfectly safe for you and your family and friends. The FBSH is a Volunteer Rescue Team and have they done a great job over the years when it comes to safety for spectators, staff or the teams. They have been hosting competitions for many years and not once has there been any serious injury to spectators or others on competition day.


Formula Off-Road race consists of hand built cars made out of roll bars, fiberglass or aluminum body structure. You may see custom made cars with over 1000 hp climbing up the vertical hills or hydroplane over the 1001 ft river! This sport is the most extreme and craziest Motorsport you can find in Northern Europe! Not only will you see the hand made Icelandic vehicles but some cars are being shipped in from Norway to participate in this great event. [See here]

Don’t miss out on it! You will have a thrill of your life!

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