4th round Finished with a BANG

The 4th round in the Icelandic Formula Offroad Championship has just finished and BOY was it an exciting one. The scoreboard was lit as the cars took turn battling the muddy hills in Akranes. For the 6 tracks, the battle for the gold was fierce! The results could not be more shocking. In both classes, the first two racers were even!

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In Unlimited Class  Ingólfur Guðvarðarson (Ingó)  on Guttinn Reborn took the trophy home for the first time ever! The team celebrated their driver‘s brilliant driving today which landed them with the same score as Atli Jamil on Thunderbolt, or total 1650 points. However, when this rare thing happens in a competition we go and see who has won the most tracks throughout the day and there did Ingólfur win by one track.

Ingó drove like a champ all day. He was patient, walked the tracks and thought about each and every gate and how he could defeat his opponents. He didn’t let the pressure of the heavy gold trophy weight him down. He just wanted his first win, and he got it.

Atli Jamil fought him fairly. After winning both the 2nd and 3rd round in the IFOC, he was the one to bet on for this round. He was consistent and climbed the hills on Thunderbolt with great confidence, but unfortunately, he got bested by his peer.

Kristján Finnur Sæmundson on “The Contractor “ ( Verktakinn) showed everybody what his new built can finally do! He managed to snatch up the 3rd place today only 20 points behind Ingó and Atli. Kristján Finnur built the car this spring and has been developing it these past months and by the looks of it, he got it right! His steady driving brought him further and further up the scoreboard. We sure hope he keeps up his momentum now and shows us more improvements!

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In Street Legal Class the results were shocking. Steingrímur Bjarnason (Steini) and Ívar Guðmundsson were tied after 6 tracks, just like Ingó and Atli, and the same rules applied. Steini was determined and drove with confidence each track which led him to the victory. Perhaps he got his groove now since he won the last round as well. We hope to see more of those stunts and skilled driving tomorrow as well.

Ívar managed to hold onto Steini for the whole race and he showed he was a real competitor, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and he had to settle for the silver. However, we expect great things from him in the 5th round tomorrow.

Eðvald Orri Guðmundsson on Pjakkurinn was in 3rd place in the street legal class only 190 points behind them. Hopefully tomorrow he will focus more and show his skills behind the wheel! We all know he can do it!

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Overall the competition was one of the most exciting, result-wise. The tracks were daring and took a lot of skill and down-to-earth driving to finish them with full score. Some were rushing too much and took penalties at places they could’ve skipped it, some just had a bad day and took some rollovers throughout the day, some had troubles with the cars, but its all a part of the experience. The thrill, the vibration in the earth when the cars drive by, the beating in your eardrums when they are struggling to get up the steepest hills and of course watching how their teams react when their driver does a great job in the track.

Great day! The hosts Torfæruklúbbur Suðurlands (TKS) did an excellent job today and deserve all credit. See you all tomorrow again on Akranes for the 5th round of the IFOC.

Photographs by SvenniHarMotorsportMyndir
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