935765_296007850536234_1344500166_n (2) FBSH was founded the fall of 1951 and has Formula Off Road been a great part of their fund-raising since around 1973. Last year (2015) on 2. May was the 50th anniversary of the Icelandic Formula Off Road. FBSH in cooperation with TKS held a magnificent show for audiences where the biggest names of F.O.Iceland came and drove their old cars. TKS and FBSH have been working together hosting Formula Off Road competitions since 2005 and their partnership will late fade. Now in 2016 the two organisations will host the NEZ Championship / World Cup along with the Icelandic Championship. The competition will be held on FBSH’s motorsport region little east of Hella.
Over all are 12 tracks in two days;320444_537026706313188_976645398_n (3)

Saturday; 6 tracks for Modified and Unlimited Class
Sunday; 6 tracks for the Modified and Unlimited Class, 2 of those timed (the river on time and the mud track according to time regulations, and 6 tracks for the Street Legal Class.

The Organizer’s Committee;
The Competition Leader;____ Kári Rafn Þorbergsson
Chief Judge;_____________Sigfús Þór Sigurðsson
Track Master;____________Sverrir Norðfjörð
Race Secretary;___________Sigurður Haukur Einarsson
Chief of Depot____________Stefán Smári Ásmundarson
Jury Leader______________Helga Katrín Stefánsdóttir
11164057_10152901834746903_4235268885065934079_n (1)Spectators may be reassured that this is a competition they do not want to miss out on. The small yet steep hills of Hella are tricky to some drivers and has it been shown that Kári knows very well what he is doing when laying the tracks. The river and mud tracks have been around for many years. The most recent famous act on the river was speed record made by Guðbjörn Grímsson on Katla Turbo in 2014 when he drove over the 1001 ft river on 86-87 km/h. Current Hydroplaning champion is the sheep farmer from the west, Bjarki Reynisson on Dýrið [The Animal] but unfortunately was no speed radar to measure his trip over he water.
Last year were 20 cars registered for the race but we may expect a few more than last year because this time it is a international competition. 2015 competition was only the Icelandic Championship but now TKS and FBSH are hosting the NEZ/WC.

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